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 Talent and Workforce Solutions

Our staffing and recruitment options provide you with the right people at the right time. As a trusted partner to businesses, we provide the following services to companies like yours:

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Temporary Staffing

Choose this option when you need to add flexibility to your workforce. Temporary employees are ideal for short- or long-term projects, variable workloads, and peak seasons. The length of the assignment can vary from days, weeks, months, or even years.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Trying a Work Now employee at your location to evaluate their performance, fit and work ethic before extending a job offer leaves you risk free for the time the associates are on Work Now Staffing’s payroll. After the agreed regular working hours have been completed, you can hire the employee directly for your company.

Direct Hire Recruitment

Direct hire staffing with Work Now Staffing can help you save time and money. We handle the recruitment, screening, and referral process to identify candidates that meet your hiring needs. You only pay for our services if you hire a candidate we provide.


This service is designed for the needs of larger companies. An on-site staffing coordinator will personally see that the workers you need are in place around the clock. We take care of orders of any size quickly and efficiently – 24/7 to ensure you have coverage for all three shifts. Our service is unmatched by our competition. 


Customizable service option for clients that want to source their own candidates while Work Now assumes the burden of payrolling, unemployment tax, record keeping, workers compensation, cost and onboarding.